Animated Stroke Order of 昼:

stroke order animation of 昼

Radical:日     Strokes:9

Pinyin & Definition:


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Words with Chinese Character 昼:
to hide by day and come out at night
昼出动物diurnal animal
昼夜day and night
period of 24 hours
continuously, without stop
昼夜平分点the equinox
昼夜服务 round-the-clock service
昼夜节律diurnal rhythm; day night rhythm; around rhythm; circadian rhythms; daily rhthm; circadian rhythm; diel rhythm
昼夜迁移diurnal migration
昼盲photophobia; day blindness; hemeralopia; hemerotyphlosis
昼盲症[Medicine] hemeralopia; day blindness
昼短夜长the winter days are short and the nights long (idiom)