Animated Stroke Order of 晒:

stroke order animation of 晒

Radical:日     Strokes:10

Pinyin & Definition:

shàito dry in the sunshine/to sunbathe/to share web files (loan from English share)

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 晒:
variant of 曬|晒
晒伤sunburn (injury)
晒像框printing frame
晒友file sharer
same as 曬客|晒客
晒台flat roof
to make a blueprint
晒图机blueprinting machine; blueprint machine; blue printing machine
晒图纸heliographic paper; blueprint paper; ferroprussiate paper; printing paper; blue printing paper
晒场bleachery; seasoning yard; drying yard; dring yard
晒坪 sunning ground
晒垡sun the earth which has been ploughed up
晒太阳bask; sun oneself; Sun.
晒客file sharer
晒干to dry in the sun
晒干风净sun-dried and well winnowed
晒斑sunburn; aestates
晒晒to leave out in the sun
to share files
晒晒太阳to leave out in the sun
to share files
晒烟sun cured tobacco