Animated Stroke Order of 曳:

stroke order animation of 曳

Radical:曰     Strokes:6

Pinyin & Definition:


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Words with Chinese Character 曳:
曳光弹flame tracer; light tracer; tracer; flametracer; lighttracer; tracer bullet; flare; tracer shell; flame trace shell
曳光弹弹头a tracer bullet
曳光穿甲弹armor-piercing tracer
曳力drag force; drag
曳引tow; tug
曳引机[Dialect] a tractor
曳引机车an agrimotor
曳物线[Mathematics] a tractrix
曳白hand in a blank paper in an imperial examination
曳绳钓line trawl
曳行shuffle; dragging
曳足而行to wear cloth shoes with the backs turned in; to shuffle about with the backs of one's shoes trodden down
曳踵to drag one's feet