Animated Stroke Order of 杳:

stroke order animation of 杳

Radical:木     Strokes:8

Pinyin & Definition:

yǎodark and quiet/disappear

Related Chinese characters:


Words with Chinese Character 杳:
dark and quiet
杳冥dim and dusky
far and indistinct
杳如黄鹤to be gone forever (idiom)
杳无人烟dark and uninhabited (idiom); remote and deserted
杳无人迹uninhabited; untrodden
杳无踪迹to disappear without a trace; to vanish
杳无音信without any news for a long time
杳杳deep and somber
see also 窈窈
杳渺dimly discernible
杳然quiet, silent, and lonely
see also 窅然
杳眇variant of 杳渺
杳茫distant and out of sight
杳霭far and deep