Animated Stroke Order of 柴:

stroke order animation of 柴

Radical:木     Strokes:10

Pinyin & Definition:

cháifirewood/surname Chai

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 柴:
surname Chai
柴刀wood chopper; firewood chopper
柴可夫斯基Tchaikovsky (1840-1893), Russian composer
柴垛A pile of firewood.
柴扉wicker gate
柴捆fascine; fascine bundle; fagot; kid
柴油diesel fuel
柴油内燃机a diesel engine
柴油发动机diesel engine
柴油发电机组a diesel-electric set
柴油机diesel engine
柴油机车a diesel locomotive
柴火堆a stack of firewood
柴炭faggot and charcoal; charcoal
柴电机车diesel-electric locomotive
柴科夫斯基Piotr Ilyich Tchaikowsky (1840-1893), Russian composer, composer of 6 symphonies and the opera Eugene Onegin
柴米夫妻couple who live from hand to mouth