Animated Stroke Order of 梵:

stroke order animation of 梵

Radical:木     Strokes:11

Pinyin & Definition:

fànabbr. for 梵教 Brahmanism/abbr. for abbr. for 梵語|梵语 or 梵文, Sanskrit/abbr. for 梵蒂岡|梵蒂冈, Vatican

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Words with Chinese Character 梵:
abbr. for 梵教
梵书Brahmana, ancient Hindu texts
梵册贝叶Sanskrit on Talipot palm leaves (idiom); Buddhist scripture
梵刹Buddhist temple
梵呗chanting of prayers (Buddhism)
梵天Nirvana (in Buddhist scripture)
Lord Brahma (the Hindu Creator)
梵宇a Buddhist temple
梵宫Buddhist temple
梵帝冈the Vatican
variant of 梵蒂岡|梵蒂冈
梵文字母a Sanskrit alphabet
梵汉对音Sanskrit-Chinese transliteration
梵蒂冈Vatican City
梵蒂冈城Vatican City, capital of Holy See
梵蒂冈市Vatican City
梵语Sanskrit (language)
梵谛冈Holy See
梵谷文生 [History] Van Gogh, Vincent (1853-1890) (a Dutch postimpressionist painter whose works, such as 'The Potato Eaters' , 'Starry Night' and Irises)