Animated Stroke Order of 榜:

stroke order animation of 榜

Radical:木     Strokes:14

Pinyin & Definition:

bǎnga notice or announcement/a list of names/public roll of successful examinees

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 榜:
notice or announcement
list of names
public roll of successful examinees
榜书Characters written across the arch of a palace gate
榜尾The end of a list, the last place.
榜文announcement; statement; message
榜眼candidate who came second in the Han-lin examination (see 狀元
榜笞to beat
to flog
to whip
榜葛剌old Chinese name for Bengal or Bangladesh, now written 孟加拉, pronunciation uncertain (possibly ge2 or la2)
榜额a horizontal inscribed board
榜首a champion
to be number one (best or worst)