Animated Stroke Order of 橄:

stroke order animation of 橄

Radical:木     Strokes:15

Pinyin & Definition:


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Words with Chinese Character 橄:
橄榄Chinese olive
橄榄体oliva; olive; olivary body
橄榄山Mount of Olives (in the Christian passion story)
橄榄岩peridotite (geology)
橄榄帽garrison cap
橄榄枝olive branch
symbol of peace
橄榄树olive tree
橄榄核桥脑小脑萎缩症 [Medicine] olivopontocerebellar atrophy
橄榄棕色olive brown
橄榄油olive oil
橄榄球football played with oval-shaped ball (rugby, American football, Australian rules etc)
橄榄球场a rugby field; a gridiron
橄榄石olivine (rock-forming mineral magnesium-iron silicate (Mg,Fe)2SiO4)
橄榄绿olive green
橄榄色olive; olive colour
橄榄色的olivaceous; olive
橄榄铜矿olivenite; leucochalcite; wood copper