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Animated Stroke Order of 毁:

stroke order animation of 毁

Radical:殳     Strokes:13

Pinyin & Definition:

huǐto destroy/to damage/to ruin
huǐblaze/destroy by fire
huǐdefame/to slander

Related Chinese characters:


Words with Chinese Character 毁:
to destroy
to damage
to ruin
毁了go to the devil
毁于be destroyed in
毁于一旦be destroyed overnight
毁伤to injure
to damage
毁伤半径[Military] a radius of damage; a radius of rupture
毁坏to damage
to devastate
to vandalize
毁坏公共财产案case of defacing public property
毁坏公共财物罪offense of defacing public property
毁害destroy; damage
毁家纾难to sacrifice one's wealth to save the state (idiom)
毁容to disfigure
to spoil the beauty of
毁尸灭迹to chop up a corpse and obliterate all traces; to bury the corpse in order to destroy all traces of one's crime
毁弃cassation; spoliation
毁损impair, damage
crushing (defeat)
毁林disforestation; disafforestation; deforest; deforestation