Animated Stroke Order of 毫:

stroke order animation of 毫

Radical:毛     Strokes:11

Pinyin & Definition:

háohair/drawing brush/(in the) least/one thousandth

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Words with Chinese Character 毫:
drawing brush
(in the) least
not in the least
not at all
毫不介意to not mind (at all, a bit)
to not care in the slightest
毫不利己,一心为公to be dedicated to serving the public without any thought of oneself
毫不动摇not to waver in the least; to sit tight
毫不含糊to make a clear and definite commitment
2.clear-cut; unequivocal no uncertain terms
毫不客气no trace of politeness
unrestrained (criticism)
毫不怀疑without the slightest doubt
毫不犹豫without the slightest hesitation
毫不留情to show no quarter
not expending the slightest effort
毫不足取not worth taking; not worth a fig
毫不足怪not at all surprising
2.without hesitation
毫不逊色not inferior in any respect
毫不通融to make no exceptions
毫不重视not care a fig for
毫不隐瞒to have nothing to hide
毫伏计a millivoltmeter