Animated Stroke Order of 氧:

stroke order animation of 氧

Radical:气     Strokes:10

Pinyin & Definition:

yǎngoxygen O, atomic number 8

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 氧:
oxygen (chemistry)
氧不足hypoxia; oxygen lack; anoxia; oxygen deficit
氧乙炔切割法[Mechanics] oxyacetylene metal-cutting
氧乙炔吹管oxyacetylene blowpipe
氧乙炔炬an oxyacetylene torch
氧乙炔焊oxyacetylene welding
氧乙炔焊炬oxyacetylene torch
氧割to cut using oxyacetylene torch
氧化-还原OR; oxidation-reduction
氧化亚氮[Chemistry] nitrous oxide; laughing gas; nitrogen monoxide
氧化亚铁iron protoxide; ferrous iron oxide; ferrous oxide
氧化作用oxygenizement; oxidizing action; oxidation; oxidization
oxidizing agent
氧化层oxide layer; oxidizing layer; layer of oxide; zone of oxidation; oxidative horizon; oxic horizon
氧化态oxidation state
氧化抑制剂oxidation inhibitor; oxidation retarder
氧化数oxidation number
氧化氮nitrogen oxide; nitrogen oxides; nitric oxide