Animated Stroke Order of 沦:

stroke order animation of 沦

Radical:氵     Strokes:7

Pinyin & Definition:

lúnto sink (into ruin, oblivion)/to be reduced to

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Words with Chinese Character 沦:
to sink (into ruin, oblivion)
to be reduced to
沦丧to be lost
to be ruined
to perish
沦亡(of a country) to perish
to be annexed
subjugation (to a foreign power)
沦入风尘to fall into professions not socially respectable
沦殁To die. Now usually written as 沦没.
沦没to sink
to drown
沦没丧亡to die
to perish
沦浃to be deeply affected
moved to the core
沦灭to perish
沦肌浃髓lit. penetrate to the marrow (idiom); deeply affected
moved to the core
沦落to degenerate
to fall (into poverty)
沦落街头be driven onto the streets; be reduced to beggary, vagrancy, etc.
沦落风尘to be driven to prostitution
沦陷to fall into enemy hands
to be occupied
to degenerate
沦陷区enemy-held territory