Animated Stroke Order of 流:

stroke order animation of 流

Radical:氵     Strokes:10

Pinyin & Definition:

liúto flow/to spread/to circulate/to move

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 流:
to flow
to disseminate
to circulate or spread
流下flow down; sile; shoot; defluxion; shed; avale
流丽fluent and elegant
流于To tend.
流云A cloud that is floating.
流亡to force into exile
to be exiled
in exile
流亡在海外to be in exile overseas
流亡政府government in exile (e.g. of Tibet)
流亡者refugee; emigre
流产to have a miscarriage
to fail
流产儿[Medicine] an abortus
流传to spread
to circulate
to hand down
流体力学fluid mechanics
流体动力学fluid dynamics
流体动力学家a hydrodynamicist
流体压力fluid pressure
流体压力计hydromanometer; manometer
流体摩擦fluid friction