Animated Stroke Order of 浸:

stroke order animation of 浸

Radical:氵     Strokes:10

Pinyin & Definition:

jìnto immerse/to soak/to steep/gradually

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 浸:
to immerse
to soak
to steep
浸入to soak
to dip
浸剂infusum; infusion; preserved material
浸提digestion; leaching; lixiviation
浸染to be contaminated
to be gradually influenced
浸水to immerse or dip in water
2.flooded; inundated
浸沉to soak
to steep
浸没折射计[Physics] an immersion refractometer
浸没物镜immersion objective lens; immersion objective
浸没透镜[Physics] immersion lens
浸泡to steep
to soak
to immerse
浸洗to immerse
to rinse
浸润to permeate
to percolate
fig. to saturate (with emotion)
浸液steep; immersion liquid; infusion; immersion liquiol; immersion; drench
浸渍to soak
to macerate
浸渍剂impregnant; impregnating compound; impregnating agent; pickling agent; dipping agent; saturant; infiltrant
浸渍槽a macerate tank