Animated Stroke Order of 渴:

stroke order animation of 渴

Radical:氵     Strokes:12

Pinyin & Definition:


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Words with Chinese Character 渴:
渴不可耐to be so thirsty as to no longer be able to tolerate it
渴仰admire; look up to
渴想long for; miss somebody very much
渴慕to thirst for
渴望to thirst for
to long for
渴望的itching; wistful; keen; raring; yearning; wishful; athirst; desired; lickerish; keen-set; itchy; thirsty; ravenous; solicitous; sharp-set; pining; avid; desirous; greedy; hungry; lustful; languishing; prurient; anxious
渴求to long for
to crave for
to greatly desire
渴盼wish eagerly; thirst for