Animated Stroke Order of 溜:

stroke order animation of 溜

Radical:氵     Strokes:13

Pinyin & Definition:

liūto slip away/to escape in stealth/to skate

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 溜:
to slip away
to escape in stealth
to skate
溜之乎也sneak away; slink off; make oneself scarce
溜之大吉take to one's legs
溜光very smooth; sleek; glossy; totally bare; not a bit left
溜冰ice skating
溜冰场ice rink
skating rink
溜冰鞋skating shoes
ice skates
roller skates
溜号sneak away; slink off
溜圆perfectly round
溜子scraper-trough conveyer; scraper-through conveyer
溜旱冰roller blading (sport)
溜溜转turn round and round
溜狗to take a dog for a walk
溜索overhead cable
溜肩膀irresponsible; sloping shoulders
溜舐to flatter obsequiously
溜走to slip away
to leave secretly
溜边to keep to the edge (of path, river etc)
fig. to keep out of trouble
to avoid getting involved