Animated Stroke Order of 滞:

stroke order animation of 滞

Radical:氵     Strokes:12

Pinyin & Definition:


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Words with Chinese Character 滞:
滞价证券a laggard bond
滞后to lag behind
滞后回线hysteresis loop; hysteresis cycle
滞后损耗hysteresis loss
滞后电流lagging current
滞后角lag angle; retardation angle; lagging angle; delay angle; angle of delay; lag; angle of lag
滞塞to obstruct
滞尘lay the dust; hold the dust down
滞延指数lagger index; lagging index
滞期费demurrage charge (shipping) (currency)
滞水backwater; perched ground water; perch ground water; stagnant water
滞泥be a sticker for; rigidly adhere to
滞洪flood detention; detain flood; to detain flood; to retard flood
滞洪区flood detention area; water retarding area; retarding basin; detention basin; flood retarding basin; retention areas
滞涩unsmooth; obscure; unsmoothl obscure
滞港 to stay in harbor.
滞滞泥泥sticky in doing things