Animated Stroke Order of 激:

stroke order animation of 激

Radical:氵     Strokes:16

Pinyin & Definition:

to arouse/to incite/to excite/to stimulate/sharp/fierce/violent

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 激:
to arouse
to incite
to excite
激于义愤to be stirred by righteous indignation; to be aroused by one's sense of justice
激光二极管laser diode
激光刀laser knife
激光制导laser guidance
激光反导A laser weapon used to block and destroy ballistic missiles.
激光唱机CD player
激光唱片compact disk
激光打印机laser printer
激光打引机laser printer
激光扫描laser scanning
激光技术laser technology; laser technique
激光武器laser beam weapons; laser weapon; laser thermal weapon
激光照排laser photo-typesetting
激光电视laser television
激光盘laser disk
激光视盘laser videodisc; Ld.; LV
激光跟踪laser tracking