Animated Stroke Order of 濒:

stroke order animation of 濒

Radical:氵     Strokes:16

Pinyin & Definition:


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Words with Chinese Character 濒:
to approach
to border on
濒临on the verge of
close to
濒临太平洋to border on the Pacific Ocean
2.on the brink of Pacific Ocean
濒临死亡be at death's door
濒临灭绝的物种an endangered species
濒于near to
approaching (collapse)
濒危endangered (species)
in imminent danger
critically ill
濒危物种endangered species
濒危野生动植物种国际贸易公约Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora
濒死nearing death
on the point of demise
approaching extinction
濒河bordering a river
bordering the sea
濒灭on the brink of extinction
濒近on the brink