Animated Stroke Order of 炒:

stroke order animation of 炒

Radical:火     Strokes:8

Pinyin & Definition:

chǎosaute/pan-fry/to fry/fried

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 炒:
to fry
炒作to hype
to promote (in the media)
炒冷饭to stir-fry left-over rice
fig. to rehash the same story
to serve up the same old product
炒勺round-bottomed frying pan
炒地皮to speculate in building land
炒星To use the media publicize someone in show business.
炒更to moonlight
炒汇to speculate in foreign currency
炒热hot (i.e. selling well)
to raise prices by speculation
to hype
炒米fried rice
millet stir-fried in butter
炒米粉fried rice noodles
炒米糖a candied rice puff
炒米花puffed rice
炒肝儿A local Beijing food: pig's liver and large intestine stewed with garlic and starch paste.
炒股to speculate in stocks (colloquial)
炒股票to speculate in stocks
炒菜stir-fried dish