Animated Stroke Order of 炸:

stroke order animation of 炸

Radical:火     Strokes:9

Pinyin & Definition:

zháto deep fry
zhàto explode

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 炸:
to deep fry
deep fried food balls
炸响explode; make cracking noise
炸土豆条french fries
(hot) potato chips
炸土豆条儿erhua variant of 炸土豆條|炸土豆条, french fries
炸土豆片french fries
fried potato
炸子鸡barbecued chicken
炸弹废墟a bomb site
炸弹恐吓a bomb scare
炸弹架bomb rack; bomb container; bomb carrier
炸弹气球balloon with bomb, often propaganda balloon
炸弹舱bomb-hatch; bomb bay
炸弹警告a bomb scare
炸掉to bomb
炸明虾fried prawn
炸死to kill with an explosion
炸毁to blow up
to destroy with explosives
炸油饼deep-fried cake
炸碎to destroy in an explosion
to break (by bombing)