Animated Stroke Order of 烤:

stroke order animation of 烤

Radical:火     Strokes:10

Pinyin & Definition:

kǎoto roast/bake/to broil

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 烤:
to roast
to bake
to broil
烤房drying room
烤架grill (of a cooker etc)
烤火to warm oneself at a fire
烤炉oven (PRC)
烤炙to scorch
(the sun) beats down
烤烟flue-cured tobacco
烤电diathermia (medical treatment involving local heating of body tissues with electric current)
烤盘baking tray
烤箱oven (Taiwan)
烤羊肉串doner kebab; shashlik
烤肉barbecue (lit. roast meat)
烤肉串kabob; kebob; shashlik; doner kebab
烤肉叉spit; skewer
烤肉器a roaster
烤肉店rotisserie; roast meat shop
烤肉架jack; spitrack
烤肉酱barbecue sauce
烤肉餐馆a barbecue; a grillroom
烤胡椒香肠roast pepper sausage