Animated Stroke Order of 焊:

stroke order animation of 焊

Radical:火     Strokes:11

Pinyin & Definition:

hànto solder/weld by heat

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 焊:
to weld
焊丝welding wire
焊剂welding fluid; welding flux; rosin flux; soldering paste; furnace addition; flux; flux material; fluxing agent; solder; soldering flux
焊头a bonding tool; a welding head
焊工welder; solderer; welding; weldor; welding operator
焊接to weld
焊接机a welder; a welding machine
焊接点a point of weld
焊接金属weld metal; welded metal
焊料solder; solder spray; welding flux; filler metal; soldering flux; strong solder
焊条welding rod; metal pencil; solder club; welding stick; filler rod; electrode; solder wire; welding electrode; welding wire
焊枪welding torch
焊油soldering paste; soldering fluid
焊液soldering fluid; welding fluid
焊炬welding blow lamp; welding torch
焊缝welding line; woald; weld joint; weld bead; weld; welding seam; welded joint; welded seam; bead; brazing seam
焊膏soldering paste
焊药welding agent; slagging medium; soldering paste; trifle; furnace addition; fluxing agent; welding compound; welding powder; welding flux