Animated Stroke Order of 焦:

stroke order animation of 焦

Radical:灬     Strokes:12

Pinyin & Definition:

jiāoburnt/scorched/worried/anxious/surname Jiao

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 焦:
surname Jiao
焦作Jiaozuo prefecture level city in Henan
焦作市Jiaozuo prefecture level city in Henan
焦儿茶酚pyrocatechol; pyrocatechine; pyrocatechin; catechin; o-dihydroxy-benzene; pyrocatechnic acid
焦化to distill
焦噪variant of 焦躁
焦圈儿A fried pasta that is circular in appearance and tastes delicious. It is a snack in the Beijing area.
焦土scorched earth
焦土政策scorched earth policy; scorched-earth policy
焦头烂额lit. beaten head and scorched brow (idiom); beaten black and blue
fig. in trouble
in terrible shape
焦心feel terribly worried
焦愁anxious; anxiously; anxiousness
焦散线caustics; caustic
焦散面caustic surface
焦枣fire-dried stoned dates
焦枯shrivelled; dried up; withered