Animated Stroke Order of 煤:

stroke order animation of 煤

Radical:火     Strokes:13

Pinyin & Definition:


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Words with Chinese Character 煤:
煤仓bunker; coalbunker; coal bunker; coal bin; coal pocket; coal hopper
煤储量coal reserves
煤化coalification; gelatinization; incoalation
煤化学制品coal chemicals; chemical products from coal
煤厂a coal yard
煤场coal yard; coal storage; coal storage yard
煤坑a coalpit
煤块coal cinder; fuel brick; coal briquette
煤坯The coal products such as coal balls, briquettes, coal bricks, etc.
煤尘smut; grime; soot dust; coal dust; braize; fine breeze; culm; powdered coal
煤层a coal bed
a coal seam
煤层气coalbed methane
煤库coalhole; coal bunker; coalbunker; coal store; coal house; coal storage yard
煤斗coal scuttle; hod; coal hopper; coal bucket; coal bunker; scuttle
煤斤The general name for coal.
煤末pulverized coal
煤末子coal powder; coal dust