Animated Stroke Order of 犯:

stroke order animation of 犯

Radical:犭     Strokes:5

Pinyin & Definition:

fànto violate/to offend/to assault/criminal/crime/to make a mistake/recurrence (of mistake or sth bad)

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 犯:
to violate
to offend
to assault
犯上go against one's superiors; offending one's superiors
犯不着not worthwhile
犯事commit a crime
犯人操场an exercise yard
犯傻to be foolish
to play dumb
to gaze absentmindedly
犯劲to become excited
犯嘀咕have misgivings
犯困feel sleepy; feel drowsy; be half asleep
犯堵to feel suffocated
犯境invade the frontiers of another country
犯嫌疑arouse suspicion; come under suspicion
犯得上worthwhile (often in rhetorical questions, implying not worthwhile)
犯得着worthwhile (often in rhetorical questions, implying not worthwhile)
also written 犯得上
犯忌violate a taboo
犯急become impatient; get excited
犯怵Now generally written as "犯憷".