Animated Stroke Order of 狼:

stroke order animation of 狼

Radical:犭     Strokes:10

Pinyin & Definition:


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Words with Chinese Character 狼:
狼主An ancient literary term used to greet king of tribe in north China.
狼井wolf trap (trou de loup), medieval defensive trap consisting of a concealed pit with sharp spikes
狼号鬼哭lit. wolves howling, devils groaning (idiom); pathetic screams
狼吞虎咽to wolf down one's food (idiom); to devour ravenously
to gorge oneself
狼嚎howl of a wolf
狼图腾Wolf Totem, novel by Lü Jiamin aka Jiang Rong
狼多肉少many wolves and not enough meat
not enough to go around
狼奔豕突the wolf runs and the wild boar rushes (idiom); crowds of evil-doers mill around like wild beasts
狼子野心ambition of wild wolves (idiom); rapacious designs
狼孩wolf child
human child raised by wolves (in legends)
狼崽wolf cub
狼心狗肺be brutal and cold-blooded
狼毫writing brush of weasel bristle
狼毫笔a wolf-hair brush
狼烟fire beacon
to burn wolf dung to give alarm
狼烟四起fire beacons on all sides (idiom); enveloped in the flames of war
狼牙棍a toothed club
狼牙棒mace; toothed club