Animated Stroke Order of 玫:

stroke order animation of 玫

Radical:攵     Strokes:8

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Words with Chinese Character 玫:
玫瑰rugosa rose (shrub) (Rosa rugosa)
rose flower
玫瑰不管叫啥名A rose by any other name (would smell as sweet)
玫瑰不管叫啥名,闻起来总是香的A rose by any other name would smell as sweet
玫瑰丛[Botany] a rose bush; a rosebush
玫瑰园a rosary
玫瑰战争The Wars of the Roses
玫瑰星云Rosette nebula NGC 2237
玫瑰油otto; attar; ottar; otto of rose oil; attar of roses; oleum rosae; rose flower oil; attar of rose; otto of rose; oil of rose; rose oil
玫瑰疹roseola; roserash
玫瑰紫rose violet
玫瑰红rose colour; rose color; rose bengal; rose
玫瑰色rosiness; roseous; rose pink; rose
玫瑰花瓣a rose leaf
玫瑰花结rosette; roset
玫瑰花茶rose tea
玫瑰露a julep
玫瑰香The fragrance which smells like roses.