Animated Stroke Order of 畏:

stroke order animation of 畏

Radical:田     Strokes:9

Pinyin & Definition:

wèito fear

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 畏:
to fear
畏光photophobia; phengophobia; otophobia; photodysphoria; intolerance of light
畏友esteemed friend
畏尸病[Medicine] necrophobia
畏忌fear; scuple
畏怯cowardly; timid; shrink
畏惧to fear
to dread
畏明[Medicine] photophobia
畏缩to cower
to flinch
to quail
畏缩不前to shrink back in fear (idiom); too cowardly to advance
畏罪to dread punishment
afraid of being arrested for a crime
畏罪潜逃to flee to escape punishment; to abscond to avoid punishement
畏罪自杀to commit suicide to escape punishment
畏葸timid; afraid
畏葸不前afraid to advance; hesitate to press forward; recoil in fear
畏途dangerous road; a perilous undertaking
畏避avoid; recoil from; flinch from
畏难be afraid of difficulty
畏食[Medicine] sitophobia