Animated Stroke Order of 留:

stroke order animation of 留

Radical:田     Strokes:10

Pinyin & Definition:

liúleave (message)/to retain/to stay/to remain/to keep/to preserve

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 留:
to leave (eg a message)
to retain
to stay
留一手to hold back a trick
not to divulge all one's trade secrets
留下to leave behind
to stay behind
to remain
留个退路to leave some leeway
留任to remain in office
to hold on to one's job
留传a legacy
to bequeath (to later generations)
留住to ask sb to stay
to keep sb for the night
to await (classical)
留余地room for maneuver
to leave a margin for error
留作to set apart
留作他用to reserve for other use
留党察看placing on probation within the party
留军壁邺troops remaining stationed in Ye
fig. a hardship posting
留出put apart; set aside
留利retained profits
留别a departing gift
a souvenir on leaving
a poem to mark one's departure
留医to be hospitalized
留取丹心照汗青My loyalty may leave a page in the annals.
留名leave behind a good reputation
留后手leave room for maneuver