Animated Stroke Order of 畜:

stroke order animation of 畜

Radical:田     Strokes:10

Pinyin & Definition:

chùlivestock/domesticated animal/domestic animal
to raise (animals)

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Words with Chinese Character 畜:
domesticated animal
domestic animal
畜产livestock product
畜产品domesticated animal products
畜养raise domestic animals
畜力animal powered (as opposed to human or machine powered)
畜力农具animal-drawn farm implements
畜力牵引animal traction; animal hauling
畜圈Pen.; corral
畜栏pen for livestock
畜牧to raise animals
畜牧业animal husbandry
stock raising
livestock raising
畜牧场stock farm; ganaderia; livestock farm; animal farm; wick
畜牲livestock, or specifically the six farm animals cow, horse, sheep, cock, dog, pig 牛馬羊雞狗豬|牛马羊鸡狗猪
an insult, You animal!
畜生domestic animal
畜疫epidemic disease of domestic animals; epidemic diseaseof domestic animals
畜禽beasts and birds
畜类domestic animal
畜群a herd of livestock; a drove; a stud
畜肥animal manure
畜舍an animal house