Animated Stroke Order of 看:

stroke order animation of 看

Radical:手     Strokes:9

Pinyin & Definition:

kānto look after/to take care of/to watch/to guard
kànto see/to look at/to read/to watch/to consider/to regard as/to view as/to treat as/to judge/(after repeated verb) to give it a try/depending on (how you're judging)/to visit/to call on/to treat (an illness)/to look after/Watch out! (for a danger)

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 看:
to look after
to take care of
to watch
看一下to glance at; to have a look
看一看to have a look
看上to look upon
to take a fancy to
to fall for
看上去it would appear
it seems (that)
看不上To dislike
看不上眼not up to one's standard; not to one's taste detest; to disdain; to despise
看不中not impressed by
看不出can't see
can't make out
unable to tell
看不惯cannot bear to see
to hate
to dislike
看不懂unable to see
can't read
看不清not able to see clearly
to be invisible
看不见的unseen; indiscernible; invisible; perdue; perdu; viewless
看不起to look down upon
to despise
看不过cannot stand by idly and watch
unable to put up with it any longer
see 看不過去|看不过去
看不过去cannot stand by idly and watch
unable to put up with it any longer
看不顺眼unpleasant to the eye
看中to have a preference for
to fancy
to choose after consideration