Animated Stroke Order of 督:

stroke order animation of 督

Radical:目     Strokes:13

Pinyin & Definition:

to supervise

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 督:
to supervise and direct
army title (archaic)
督促to supervise and urge completion of a task
to urge on
督军provincial military governor during the early Republic of China era (1911-1949 AD)
督办to oversee
to supervise
督励urge and encourage
督学school inspector
督察to supervise
to superintend
督察大队censorship brigade (PRC)
督察小组supervisory group
督导to direct
to oversee
督师commander; inspector
督建to supervise and construct
constructed under the supervision of
督战supervise operations
督抚governor general 总督 and inspector general 巡抚
督标army regiment at the disposal of province governor-general
督责to supervise
to reprimand
督阵superintend soldiers at the front
督龟to doze off (Taiwanese)