Animated Stroke Order of 瞄:

stroke order animation of 瞄

Radical:目     Strokes:13

Pinyin & Definition:

miáoto aim

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 瞄:
to aim
瞄准to aim (a weapon at a target)
fig. to aim (for a higher standard)
瞄准具gunsight; collimating sight
瞄准器hairline pointer; rear finder; sighting device; breach sight; riflescope; crosshairs; breachsight; breech-sight; sight vane; aiming device; finder; guidance unit; vane; sighting vane; sight; gunsight
瞄准手aimer; gunlayer
瞄准点aiming mark; aiming point; GGAP; sighting point; boresight
瞄准环aiming circle
瞄准线line of sight; hair cross; diopter thread; line of aim; crosshair; aiming line; bore-sight; boresight; LOS
瞄准装置aiming mechanism; sighting instrument