Animated Stroke Order of 瞧:

stroke order animation of 瞧

Radical:目     Strokes:17

Pinyin & Definition:

qiáolook at

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 瞧:
to look at
to see
to see (a doctor)
瞧上have a chance to see
瞧不上眼consider beneath one's notice; turn one's nose up at
瞧不起to look down upon
to hold in contempt
瞧哈哈儿have a good laugh over; gloat over
瞧得起think much of; have a good opinion of; think highly of
瞧病see a doctor; see a patient
瞧着办to do as one sees fit
It's up to you.
Let's wait and see and then decide what to do.
瞧见to see