Animated Stroke Order of 研:

stroke order animation of 研

Radical:石     Strokes:9

Pinyin & Definition:

yángrind fine/study/research

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 研:
to grind
研习research and study
研修advanced study and training; research
研修员research worker
研判to study and come to a decision
研制to manufacture
to develop
研制过程manufacturing environment
研华Advantech, technology company
研发research and development
研发部research and development department
研定to consider and decide
to decide after investigating
研拟to investigate and plan forward
研杵muller; pestle; mortar pestle
研析to analyze
研求to study
to probe
to research and examine
to grind
to polish by grinding
研磨咖啡 ground coffee
研磨料abrasive (material)
研磨机muller; grinding miller; lapper; abrading machine; grinding machine; grinding mill; pulping machine; grinding unit; grinder; finishing machine; abrader; lapping machine; milling equipment