Animated Stroke Order of 硫:

stroke order animation of 硫

Radical:石     Strokes:12

Pinyin & Definition:

liúsulfur S, nonmetal, atomic number 16

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 硫:
sulfur (chemistry)
硫丹thiodan; 3-benzo-dioxathiepin-3-oxide; endosulfan; Benzoepin
硫亚氨[Chemistry] imide
硫亚锑酸盐[Chemistry] thioantimonite
硫代sulpho-; sulfo-
硫代硫酸[Chemistry] thiosulfuric acid
硫代硫酸盐[Chemistry] thiosulfate
硫代硫酸钠sodium hyposulfide
sodium thiosulfate
硫分sulfur content
硫化vulcanization (curing rubber using sulfur and heat)
硫化剂curing ingredient; vulcanizing agent; vulcanizator; vulcanizer; curing agent; vulcanized agent
硫化合物sulfur compound
硫化染料sulfide colours; sulfur dyestuff; sulfur dyes; sulfur dye; thioxine dyes
硫化橡皮vulcanized rubber
硫化橡胶perduren; vulcanisate; vulcanized rubber; vulcanizate; vulcanite; polysulfide rubber
硫化氢hydrogen sulfide H2S
sulfureted hydrogen
硫化汞ethiopsite; cinnabar; mercuric sulfide; vermilion
硫化物sulphide; sulfuret; sulfide; sulfid; sulphid; sulphuret
硫化铅lead sulphide; galena; plumbous sulfide; lead sulfide
硫华sublimed sulfur; flower of sulphur; flowers of sulfur; flowers of sulphur