Animated Stroke Order of 硬:

stroke order animation of 硬

Radical:石     Strokes:12

Pinyin & Definition:


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Words with Chinese Character 硬:
  • hard; stiff
    hard disk
  • strong; firm
    I don't want to open it now by force.
  • manage to do something with difficulty
    act the hero
  • 硬仗tough fight
    硬件平台hardware platform
    硬件设计hardware design
    硬任务indispensable and demanding task
    硬伤mechanical damage; bruising
    硬体(computer) hardware
    硬充To manage to do something with difficulty due to insufficient conditions.
    硬功The sudden force produced by a local part of the body in martial arts.
    硬功夫great proficiency
    硬包装rigid package
    硬化to harden
    硬化剂hardener; hardening compound; hardening agent; rigidity agent; stiffening agent; curing agent; handening agent; stiffener; vulcanizer; sclerosing agent; rigidizing agent; setting agent; hardening
    硬化油hardened oil; hydrogenatedoil; hudrogenated fat; fixed oil; hardening oil
    硬化的sclerous; sclerotic; sclerotized; sclerosed; indurascent
    硬化组织sclerotic tissue; sclerification
    硬卧hard sleeper (a type of sleeper train ticket class with a harder bunk)
    硬地unyieldingly; hard ground; firm ground
    硬地网球场a hard court