Animated Stroke Order of 碰:

stroke order animation of 碰

Radical:石     Strokes:13

Pinyin & Definition:

pèngto touch/to meet with/to bump

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 碰:
to touch
to meet with
to bump
碰一鼻子灰lit. to have one's nose rubbed in the dirt
fig. to meet with a sharp rebuff
碰倒to knock sth over
碰到to come across
to run into
to meet
碰壁to hit a wall
fig. to run up against a snag
碰头to meet
to hold a meeting
碰头会brief meeting; brief meeting
碰巧by chance
by coincidence
to happen to
碰损bruising (damage to soft fruit etc)
碰撞to collide
碰撞伤impact injury
碰撞保险collision insurance
碰撞参数impact parameter; collision parameter
碰撞理论a collision theory
碰撞电离ionization by collision; collision ionization; impact ionization
碰撞负载an impact load
碰撞责任collision liability