Animated Stroke Order of 磕:

stroke order animation of 磕

Radical:石     Strokes:15

Pinyin & Definition:

to tap/knock

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 磕:
to tap
磕头to kowtow (traditional greeting, esp. to a superior, involving kneeling and pressing one's forehead to the ground)
磕头碰脑bump against things on every side; push and bump against one another
磕头虫snap bug; snapping beetle
磕巴stutter; stammer; stammer
磕打knock out
磕碰collide with; bump against; knock against
磕磕knocking sound (onomatopoeia)
not speaking fluently
磕磕撞撞walk unsteadily; stumble or stagger along; reel
磕磕绊绊bumpy (of a road)
limping (of a person)