Animated Stroke Order of 磨:

stroke order animation of 磨

Radical:石     Strokes:16

Pinyin & Definition:

to sharpen/to delay/hardship/to grind/to rub

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 磨:
to rub
to grind
to polish
磨不开to feel embarrassed
to fret
磨光to polish
磨光剂polishing agent; buffing compound; polishing paste; polish; polishing material
磨光器a polisher; a burnisher
磨光机rasping machine; glazing mill; glasser; polishing machine; glazing machine; glassingjack; branner; buffing machine; glassing jack; flint glazing machine; glassing machine; abrader; refacer
磨光玻璃polished glass; slicking glass; abrased glass
磨光石a rubbed stone
磨具sharper; abrasive tools; grinding tools; grinding apparatus; sharpener
磨刀to hone (a knife)
磨刀器a knife-grinder
磨刀石whetstone (for honing knives)
磨刀霍霍draw one's sword
磨制石器a polished stone (neolithic) implement
磨削grinding; burnish; abrasive planing
磨叨to grumble
to chatter
磨合to break in
to wear in
磨唧to be very slow
to dawdle