Animated Stroke Order of 祝:

stroke order animation of 祝

Radical:礻     Strokes:9

Pinyin & Definition:

zhùinvoke/pray to/wish/to express good wishes/surname Zhu

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 祝:
surname Zhu
祝允明Zhu Yunming (1460-1526), Ming dynasty calligrapher
祝发to cut one's hair (as part of a minority ritual or in order to become a monk)
祝告To wish and pray.
祝好wish you all the best! (when signing off on a correspondence)
祝寿birthday congratulations
祝捷celebrate a victory
祝枝山Zhu Zhishan (1460-1526), Ming calligrapher and poet, one of Four great southern talents of the Ming 江南四大才子
祝祷to pray
wish well
祝融God of Fire
祝词felicitate; congratulation; salutatory
祝谢to give thanks
祝贺to congratulate
祝贺词congratulatory speech
祝酒to toast
to congratulate and drink a toast
祝酒人a toaster
祝酒歌Songs sung when proposing a toast to the guests.