Animated Stroke Order of 种:

stroke order animation of 种

Radical:禾     Strokes:9

Pinyin & Definition:

zhǒngabbr. for 物種|物种, genus/race/seed/breed/species/strain/kind/type/has guts (i.e. courage)/nerve/classifier for types: kind, sort/classifier for languages
zhòngto plant/to grow/to cultivate

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 种:
abbr. for 物種|物种, genus
种仁seed kernel
male breeding stock (of animal species)
种养grow; cultivate
种内杂交intraspecific cross; intraspecific hybridization
种内的intraspecific; intraspecies
种内进化intraspecific evolution
种名specific name; species name
种因do things that will entail grave consequences
种地to farm
to work the land
种块seed tuber
种姓caste (traditional Indian social division)
种姓制caste system (traditional Indian social division)
种姓制度caste system
种子岛Tanegashima, Japanese Island off Kyushu, the Japanese space launch site
种子散布seed dispersal; dissemination
种子植物seed plant
种子植物门Spermatophyta; Spermophyta
种子田seed-breeding field