Animated Stroke Order of 移:

stroke order animation of 移

Radical:禾     Strokes:11

Pinyin & Definition:

to move/to shift/to change/to alter/to remove

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 移:
to move
to shift
to change
移东就西to make up deficiency by funds elsewhere
移交to transfer
to hand over
移位shift; gression; shifting; replacement; transposition; translocation; migration; unseat; dislocation; displacement; aversion; justification; carry bit
移位寄存器shift register; shiftregister; pping register; circulating register; shifting register; stepping register; carry flip-flop; Sr.
移位键Shift key
移入naturalization; naturalisation; shift-in
移动to move
移动均衡balance of migration; moving equilibrium
移动基期shifting base period
移动平均线moving average (in financial analysis)
移动平均线指标moving average index (used in financial analysis)
移动式数字计算器Mobile Digital Computer (MOBIDIC)
移动式无线电台mru (mobile radio unit)
移动式电话mobile telephone
移动摄影[Photography] tracking shot
移动电台mobile station
移动电话mobile telephone