Animated Stroke Order of 程:

stroke order animation of 程

Radical:禾     Strokes:12

Pinyin & Definition:

chéngrule/order/regulations/formula/journey/procedure/sequence/surname Cheng

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 程:
surname Cheng
程仪gift of money for a friend going on a journey
程子A short time.
程序分析员analyst-programmer; programmer analyst
程序动作stylized movements
程序包software package; package of program; program pack; routine package; firmware; package
程序处理program manipulation; gram processing
程序存储器program storage; program storage unit; program store unit; program memory
程序库program library (computing)
程序控制process monitoring; programme control; programmecontrol; program control; programing control; time schedule control; preset control; programmed control; sequence control; process control
程序控制的program controlled; programcontrolled; programmable
程序教学programmed instruction; programmed learning
程序核对[Computer] a programmed check
程序法procedural law
程序流程图program flow chart; program flowchart; program flow diagram
程序编制[Computer] programming