Animated Stroke Order of 税:

stroke order animation of 税

Radical:禾     Strokes:12

Pinyin & Definition:


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Words with Chinese Character 税:
税关customs house (in ancient times)
税册tax roll
税则tariff; tax regulations; tax regulation; customs tariff
税利taxes and profits
税制tax system; taxation; taxation system
before taxes
税务taxation services
state revenue service
税务员tax collector; inspector of taxes; revenue agent; tax gatherer; tax colloector; taxgatherer; tahsildar
税务官tax collector
税务局tax bureau
Inland Revenue Department
税务机关a tax authority
税务法院a revenue court
税务署revenue office
税单tax roll; duty memo
税卡The tollgate
税后after tax
税后所得income after taxes
税基tax base
税官a taxman
a customs officer