Animated Stroke Order of 穿:

stroke order animation of 穿

Radical:穴     Strokes:9

Pinyin & Definition:

chuānto bore through/pierce/perforate/penetrate/pass through/to dress/to wear/to put on/to thread

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 穿:
穿to bore through
穿一条裤子share the same pair of trousers; band together; collude; gang up
穿上to put on (clothes etc)
穿云破雾pierce the clouds and mist
穿云裂石 loud and clear
穿入work ... into ...; penetrate; infix; Pierce
穿凿to bore a hole
to give a forced interpretation
穿凿附会to give a forced interpretation (idiom); draw far-fetched analogies
穿制服的看门人a commissionaire
穿制服的警察a uniformed policeman
穿刺medical puncture to extract bodily fluid (a tap)
body piercing
穿刺术[Medicine] centesis; paracentesis
穿卡机punched card machine; card punch; punch
穿回to put on (clothes)
to put (clothes) back on
穿圈jumping through the hoop
穿堂hallway; enterclose
穿堂儿hallway connecting two courtyards in an old-style Chinese compound
穿堂门passageway; alley gate
穿堂风draught; cross ventilation
穿墙石through stone; parpen; parpend