Animated Stroke Order of 突:

stroke order animation of 突

Radical:穴     Strokes:9

Pinyin & Definition:

to dash/to move forward quickly/to bulge/to protrude/to break through/to rush out/sudden/Taiwan pr. tu2

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 突:
to dash
to move forward quickly
to bulge
突兀lofty or towering
sudden or abupt
to give prominence to
突出体emergence; excrescence
突出物outshoot; prominence; corbiestep; protrusion; umbo
突出的extrusive; protrudent; outstanding; prominent; projecting; low-browed; highlighted; premiere; protrusive; predominant; projective; stickup; snaggy; salient; ajut; beetling; protuberant; exserted; protractile; unaverage; prorupt
突出部ledge; jut; teat; set-off; bump; shoulder; nose; lug; salient; projection; brow; swelling
突出重点to make the focal points stand out; to lay stress on the key points
突击sudden and violent attack
fig. rushed job
突击任务a rush job; shock work
突击战术shock tactics
突击手shock worker
突击检查sudden unannounced investigation
on-the-spot inspection
to search without notification
突击点point of assault
突击行动surprise operation; surprise attack
突击部队shock troops; storm troops
突击队commando unit
突厥Turkic ethnic group