Animated Stroke Order of 窥:

stroke order animation of 窥

Radical:穴     Strokes:13

Pinyin & Definition:

kuīpeep/pry into

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 窥:
to peep
to pry into
窥伺be on watch for; pry; prowl; snoop
窥其全豹to see the whole picture
窥其全貌to see the whole picture
窥孔judas; judas hole; spy hole; peephole; peep hole
窥察spy upon; pry about
窥度surmise secretly
窥探to pry into or spy on
to snoop
to peep
窥望to peep
to spy on
窥测spy out
窥测方向see how the land lies; see which way the wind blows
窥淫狂a voyeur
窥破To outguess
窥见peek; espy
窥视to peep at
to spy on
to peek
窥视孔peephole; spyhole; judas hole; peepdoor; peep; sight hole; eye sight; eye hole; peep-hole; eyelet; eyepiece; sighthole