Animated Stroke Order of 竖:

stroke order animation of 竖

Radical:立     Strokes:9

Pinyin & Definition:

shù(straight down character stroke)/to erect/vertical

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 竖:
variant of 豎|竖
竖井silo; drilled shaft; shaft; cenote; aven; pothole; vertical shaft; coal pit
竖井开采矿a shaft mine
竖子boy; mean fellow
竖式钢琴an upright piano
竖弯钩乚 stroke in Chinese characters
竖折(downwards-starting right angle character stroke)
竖旋桥bascule bridge
竖杆montant; vertical bar
竖板riser; footboard
竖沟glyph; flute
竖琴手a harper; a harpist
to erect
to set upright
竖窗框a mullion
竖立to erect
to set upright
to stand
竖立的horrent; staring; erect; bristling
竖立肌[Anatomy] an erector
竖笔vertical stroke (in Chinese characters)